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Yanchep National Park

One of Australia’s oldest national parks, Yanchep offers a wide variety of activities to do.


One of Australia’s oldest national parks, Yanchep offers a wide variety of activities to do. There is a 45-minute guided cave tour(the only tourist cave tour in Perth) where you’ll get to view stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, etc. and learn about the ecosystems and geology of the caves. 

Another experience worth doing is a tour with the aboriginals, where you’ll get to learn about the rich history and culture of the Noongar people, getting to throw spears, playing didgeridoos, and more. 

The park also has a nine-hole bush golf course, created to showcase the unique biodiversity of the area. Besides this, there are also 22 excellent campsites with great facilities (e.g. toilets, hot/cold showers, firepits, barbeque shelters, etc.), ziplines and ropes, and scenic helicopter flights. 

You can also simply opt to walk around the many walking trails that are suitable for all ages (and fitness levels), and get a glimpse of some of Australia’s famous animals, including koalas, kangaroos, and different species of birds. Eating, drinking, and picnicking is also allowed, although we recommend checking into the historic Yanchep Inn and the Chocolate Drop Tearooms – famous in the area for their signature treats. Good enough options for things to do in Perth this weekend?!

How to get there

Yanchep National Park is approximately 45-60 minutes away by car from Perth’s central business district. While there are several public transportation routes available, most do not provide direct access to the park, instead, dropping you off in stations from where you will have to walk approximately 3km on an unmarked route. It is recommended to find a tourist bus with a direct itinerary to the park or rent a car and drive to the park directly. The park has a $12 entrance fee per car.

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