Alternative Temples Tour: Besakih Temple, Penglipuran Village and More – Full Day


Alternative Temples Tour: Besakih Temple, Penglipuran Village and More – Full Day



  • Visit over 6 temples in one day including the Besakih "Mother Temple"
  • Avoid the tourist crowds and go off the beaten track to explore these beautiful hidden gems
  • Fall in love with the Penglipuran Traditional Village, a picturesque cultural site close to a bamboo forest


Ready to shake off the crowds and explore Bali’s hidden gems? With this alternative temples tour, we’ll take you around the lesser-visited temples on the island. By travelling with a local guide, expect to get immersed in authentic Balinese culture as we explore the following spots...


Royal Courts of Justice: Also known as Kertagosa Klungkung, this ancient courthouse dates back to the 17th century. The king personally sentenced criminals here as a one-man jury, so woe betide them if they got on his bad side!


Goa Lawah Temple: Translating as ‘Bat Cave Temple’ due to the spooky cave on site, this is one of Bali's most atmospheric shrines. Locals visit to pay respects to their deceased loved ones, giving colourful offerings in the form of petals and edible treats. What better place to learn about Balinese culture and religion?

Bukit Jambul Viewpoint: On our ascent to lofty Besakih Temple, we’ll stop at this spectacular viewpoint. Admire rice terraces, misty mountains and temple peaks in the distance. 


Besakih Temple: Known as the ‘Mother Temple’, this enormous site is one of the six sacred pillars of Bali. At 1,000 metres above sea level, you’d best believe there are some seriously stunning views from the top. During this Besakih ‘Mother Temple’ tour, we’ll spend up to 2 hours exploring.

“This temple is an absolute gem and deserves your full attention!”Tanagra, United Kingdom 


Kehen Temple: This sleepy temple in a small village is the perfect place to beat the crowds. Not only will you admire the traditional architecture, you’ll also soak up the colourful surrounds of the local village.

Penglipuran Traditional Village: We’ll finish this cultural day by learning how locals lived in days gone by. At this living museum, your guide will show you around traditional Balinese homes and explain how people once conducted daily life. 

“From the beautifully kept street and historic houses to the calming bamboo forest, you simply need to visit this village.”Andrew, Australia

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