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About Us

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware"

Trip Guru is about creating meaningful connections and experiences. It’s a platform for travellers to discover each other through the best group experiences in the destination. Whether you are a solo traveller, couple or group of friends, you can trust Trip Guru to see who is going and decide when to go.


Meet the Team

Passion, Expertise, Business Skills, Network

Each of Trip Guru’s founders live as expatriates in major international cities. What they have in common? An intense love for travel. They personify the company culture “Live, Inspire, Innovate” – through the life experiences gained from living and travelling through in several different countries to find inspiration and innovation in all aspects of life and business.

The team members’ professional backgrounds range from strategic finance and corporate law to global logistics, sales, and event organization. These individual strengths come together to create a fluid environment of ideas that plays on the team’s different strengths.

The Entrepreneurs

Sebastián Renzacci, 30, Argentina
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sebastián is an Argentine professional based in Hong Kong since 2014. Sebastián co-founded Trip Guru in the fall of 2015, and has since its early days overseen the company’s product development and user experience. Prior to co-founding Trip Guru, Sebastián spent 11 years working in Latin American and Asian emerging markets, specializing in foreign trade & logistics.

Favourite Travel Experience: Zipping through Siem Reap’s countryside on a VESPA

On his Bucket List: This year I plan to learn how to surf in Bali! I also want to take a speedboat to James Bond island

Francesco Piccolo, 29, Italy
CFO – Marketing & Finance

Francesco spent the first half of 2016 travelling across South East Asia to setup the Trip Guru platform. As the company’s Chairman, Francesco’s presides over Trip Guru’s board, oversees all the company’s activities, and acts as the company’s de facto chief financial officer. Besides heading up Trip Guru’s administrative and financial activities, Francesco also oversees all of the company’s marketing functions. Before co-founding Trip Guru, Francesco worked as an analyst for a Hong Kong venture capital investment firm.

Favourite Travel Experience: Watching the sunrise in Mount Batur after trekking for hours in the dark!

On his Bucket List: I’m itching do the four-day ‘seafari’ in Coron, Philippines and dive with the sharks in Malapascua

Alessandro Michelini, 29, Italy
Business Development Manager

After joining Trip Guru, Alessandro started travelling across South East Asia to recruit partners for the company’s tours & activities platform. Alessandro heads the company’s sales network, oversees the business development team, and tirelessly works to make the platform more attractive to tour operators and end consumers alike.

Favourite Travel Experience: Doing an intensive one week Muay Thai programme - it pushed me to become stronger, better, faster than I’ve ever been!

On his Bucket List: I want to learn how to kite surf next, always looking for the next thrill