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What is TripGuru?

We are your trip guru, revealing hidden and unmissable experiences around the world. Our travel team ventures around the world to find extraordinary experiences and put them right in the palm of your hand.

With TripGuru at your side, you can focus on where you are and savor every moment. Browse, book and instantly know when and where to be.

Our Story

In 2015, Sebastián Renzacci and Francesco Piccolo saw that traveling as a young professional can be a daunting and sometimes lonely challenge. They arrived at the question: How can we connect like-minded travelers and help them have truly unique experiences together? TripGuru was the answer.

Meeting Oky

Without hesitation, Francesco began visiting his favorite places to travel and talking on the ground with local tour guides to try and find breathtaking adventures. It was in Bali that he first met Oky. Oky was an Indonesian travel guide who had a lifetime of experience guiding tourists around his home and a driving ambition to share his knowledge with the rest of the world. While Oky was a talented guide, he didn’t have the tools available to engage a larger audience nor convey why his commitments to sustainable and ethical tourism made him different. Francesco saw the perfect opportunity to help Oky achieve his business ambitions and create a long-lasting partnership. TripGuru helped to create stunning profiles for each of his tours that would reflect the quality of the experiences he had to offer - TripGuru members were not disappointed. From just a few weekly tours, Oky was able to expand his business and create some of the most sought-after experiences to be had in Bali.

Beyond Southeast Asia

With the success of TripGuru in Bali, Sebastián and Francesco set out to help more local guides across the globe convey their local knowledge, commitments to sustainable tourism and strong sense of ethical travel to TripGuru’s audience of young professional travelers. From humble beginnings as a start-up company with only two employees, Trip Guru now has a 1000+ curated experiences across 40 destinations in 14 countries. Each country poses unique opportunities and challenges that continuously motivate our staff to create and refine memorable experiences for TripGuru members.

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The more we travel the more we learn

Meet the founders

Sebastián Renzacci, CEO

Sebastián Renzacci

Co-founder & CEO

Sebastián co-founded TripGuru in the fall of 2015 and currently oversees the company’s product development and user experience. Prior to co-founding TripGuru, Sebastián spent 11 years working in Latin American and Asian emerging markets, specializing in foreign trade and logistics.

Favorite Travel Experience

Zipping through Siem Reap’s countryside on a VESPA

Bucket Lists

This year I plan to learn how to surf in Bali!

Francesco Piccolo, CFO

Francesco Piccolo

Co-founder & CFO

Francesco spent the first half of 2016 traveling across Southeast Asia to setup Trip Guru. As the company’s Chairman, Francesco presides over TripGuru’s board, oversees all the company’s activities, and acts as the company’s de facto chief financial officer. Before co-founding TripGuru, Francesco worked as an analyst for a Hong Kong venture capital investment firm.

Favorite Travel Experience

Watching the sunrise in Mount Batur after trekking for hours in the dark in Bali!

Bucket Lists

I’m itching to do the 4 Day “Seafari” in Coron (Philippines) and

Dive with the Sharks in Malapascua.

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