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Unearth the History of Myanmar in Bago


Learning the history of a foreign land is just one of the many ways travelers learn to appreciate the local culture and story of the nation. Though most cities give visitors an easier time and access by providing opening their museum walls, there is a certain feeling people get when they are walking and placing their hands upon the ruins of old. In Yangon, Myanmar, there is one area wherein travelers can get a taste of history without being limited by four walls, and it can be found in Bago.

Bago, which was formerly known as Hanthawaddy, is the capital of the region that shares the same name, and is located 50 miles north-east of Yangon. Its surroundings are very different from most cities. Here, both travelers and locals are wrapped in rich Myanmar vegetation and history making it a breath of fresh air for most visitors; and although its landscape is worthy for a photograph of nature’s caliber, there are a lot of sites to see as well.

Not far from this city, travelers can easily access some of Myanmar’s most treasured archaeological and religious destinations. There is the Shwethalyaung Buddha, a sculpture of a reclining Buddha that measures 55 meters in length and 16 meters in height. The Shwemawdaw Pagoda (a.k.a the Golden God Temple), which is known to be the country’s tallest. The Kanbawzathadi Palace, which was built for King Bayinnaug in 1556, and the Kayaikpun Buddha – a pagoda wherein the shrine of the Four Seated Buddha can be found. With all these amazing sites Trip Guru thinks that it is best for travelers to pace themselves when visiting Bago. Most of these destinations will involve a lot of walking and it is wise to bring extra water and not to push their bodies to the limit (unless they can feel like they can.)

To get to Bagon from Yangon is quite easy. There are numerous busses every day throughout the metropolitan area that will bring you strait to Bago. The easiest one to get to is Saw Bwar Gyi Gone bus station located near the airport, and tickets will cost you about 2,000MMK. The journey will take approximately 2-hours.

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