Bogyoke Market Place guide



Bogyoke Market

Myanmar’s Center for Local Wares and Fares


Markets always have something for everyone. Mostly built by the people, for the people, a lot of sellers love to greet their patrons with a smile on their face and enticing passersby by showcasing their goods with energetic words. Because of all the smells, sounds, and products that are brimming with life from stall to stall, this scene, though normal in local standards, impresses a lot of travelers who are visiting the country. In the metropolitan city of Yangon, Myanmar, there lies a building that holds all of the country’s culture within its four walls. This massive white structure, with a dome shaped roof, is called the Bogyoke Market, and it is the place to be for all things local.

Travelers who are visiting this part of Myanmar should prepare themselves because it takes almost half a day to explore Bogyoke’s totality. Riddled with shops that sell all things Myanmar, it is a bargain haven for those who love to shop. There are small antique shops and money changers located in the first and ground floor, but the center of the market is where you want to be. Here, precious stones that cause that twinkle in your eye can be bought and for the right price, you can come home with a collection of rubies and jades adorning your hands. Art galleries, clothing stores, and handicrafts are also located around the area – making it the perfect spot to get those last minute souvenirs.

Surrounding the market’s center are food stalls that serve up delicious local cuisine. Trip Guru suggests that before you journey into the vastness that is Bogyoke Market, it is better to fill up first. However, do not be surprised if their lines are long or full of people and have no time to accommodate you. Just be patient because there will always be a stall ready to take you in and serve you.

Bogyoke Market is open from 8:00AM to 4:30PM on Mondays, and 10:00AM to 5:00PM on the following days. To get here from the Yangon International Airport, you can take a private car and drive along Pyay road. After 7.3km, turn left on the same road and just continue on until you reach U Wisara Road before driving to Bo Gyoke Road, where the market is found.

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