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Discover Eakachai Boathouse in Mae Ngat Dam - Chiang Mai


For those looking for a unique camping experience out in the northern areas of Thailand, Trip Guru suggests a relaxing time on the waters of the Mae Ngat Dam floating houses. In particular, the Eakachai Boathouse provides an extremely rustic charm for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The 15km freshwater lake has around 20 or so houseboats that travelers can rent with various types of accommodations, ranging from the very basic to the more luxurious amenities.

The floating boats are connected side-by-side with one another and are located all across the lake’s placid surface. Some of these boats even have a wide open wooden deck that interlock with one another and create a communal area that is perfect for gathering and socializing. There is a unique atmosphere that tourists find very calming as the water lends a very relaxing feel to their boathouse camping experience. Travelers won’t go hungry during their stay here since there are floating bungalows that house Thai restaurants and kitchens that can willingly cook and serve them a variety of dishes.

Many of the companies renting out boathouses supply travelers with various amenities that they can use to enjoy their stay here even more. The rental of inner tubes, life vests, kayaks, as well as fishing rods and tackles. And while electricity in the area is usually limited and only powered on during certain times of the day (usually in the evening), this encourages travelers to disconnect themselves from the world and just enjoy the simple joys of life on a boathouse.

These wonderful floating houses are located around 60km north of Chiang Mai at the Sri Lanna National Park. Since the roads are well-maintained, it is quite accessible by car or even by motorbike. To get there, head east down Thapae Road after exiting the Thapae gate out of Chiang Mai. After crossing the bridge across the Ping River, the road should merge with Charaen Muang Road (Route 1006). After, turn left into the Inner Ring Road, going in a counter-clockwise direction until you can turn right down Route 1001. After driving straight for around 50km, there will be visible signs pointing towards Mae Ngat Dam, which will lead you to Route 1323. Eventually, travelers will be able to see the intersection where they should turn right to reach the dam. The path should lead down to Sri Lanna National Park, with signs pointing in the appropriate direction until the entrance is reached. Staying the night here is recommended since it encourages people to do a variety of activities while here.



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