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Kandawgyi Nature Park

Experience Yangon’s Natural Beauty in Kandawgyi Nature Park


There is more than one method to explore the culture of a foreign destination. Most tourists prefer following the crowd and spend a day visiting famous landmarks, coastlines, and establishments; while others love to take the road less travelled and take a journey towards the outskirts of the nation on foot or by bike. However, there are a handful of travelers who want to be in the arms of Mother Nature whilst getting to know the country and this is where the Kandawgyi Nature Park in Yangon, Myanmar comes in.

The Kandawgyi Nature Park is the perfect place for travelers to take a break from their stressful adventures and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Myanmar. Divided by the famous lake that shares the same name, the park stretches over 260 acres, in which 110 of it is covered by a garden. Visitors are surrounded by Yangon’s natural beauty which entices the sights, scent, and sound. Most of its landscape is layered with deep hues of green that are seen from the river to the vegetation and the garden allows travelers to circumnavigate the tranquil body of water via a wooden bridge. Though Yangong’s botanic beauty is encapsulated in this space, there are two more marvelous structures that could be seen from here, and they are the Shwedagon Pagoda and the Karaweik.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is located to the west of Kandawgyi Lake and is a dominant landmark in Yangon’s skyline. This is the most sacred pagoda in Myanmar and is believed to be the placeholder of relics that were once owned by the four previous Buddhas of the present Kalpa. To the eastern shores of the park however, lies the Karaweik. This amazing boatlike structure is a palace covered in the colors of gold, which light up the evening sky. It was designed by Burmese architect U Ngwe Hlaing, who based his designs on the Pyigyimon royal barge.

The park is open daily from 4:00AM to 10:00PM and the entrance fee costs around 1,000 MMK. Trip Guru suggests that interested visitors should take a private car and from Yangon International Airport and drive along Radio Station Road. After 2.7km, take Swae Taw Street to Kaber Aye Pagoda Road. Once you drive 2.6m continue driving to Kan Yeik Tha Road and you will see the park from there.

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