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Even if the city of Phuket has changed since modernization ushered in Thailand, there lies within its borders, a place that somehow withstood the ebb and flow of the 21st century. Located along Thalang Road, travelers will get a glimpse of this city’s past by simply walking through the roads of Old Phuket Town. Although this UNESCO heritage site has been refurbished, repainted, and/or rebuilt overtime, it is still able to translate the city’s past to those who wander by.

With the numerous Sino Portuguese themed houses and the beautifully preserved shophouses that neatly form a line beside the town’s sidewalks, visitors will never have to worry about keeping their mind’s eye busy. Travelers, who have been in this town more than once, will have no difficulty roaming around Old Phuket’s streets, but for the first timers, we, at Trip Guru, suggests that you take your time and explore the town’s hidden secrets by walking through its roads.

Although the heart of Old Phuket Town lies on Thalang road, you can explore its wonders by taking one of eight roads. On Ranong road, you can find the town’s market, and Jui Tui shrine – an important Chinese temple that is used during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. If you prefer looking at old fashioned houses and stores, stroll along Yaowarat road, and you will find the mysterious abandoned home called, the Limpanon House, while Krabi road, on the other hand, is where you can find the story and culture of Old Phuket by visiting the Thai Hua Museum and the Chinpracha mansion. For a more gastronomic adventure, take Dibuk or Thalang road, and dine in one of their locally operated cafes or restaurants. If you want to continue viewing the town’s unique architecture, head to Soi Romanee, and marvel at the colorful houses that stand shoulder-to-shoulder. If you wish to continue your museum journey, take Rastada road and visit the Thavorn museum – located in the hotel that shares the same name – but, if temples are more your thing, head down to Phang Nga road and bathe in the Shrine of Serene Light’s tranquil atmosphere.

The easiest way to get to Old Phuket Town is by bus or songthaew. Once you are there, most of the exploring will be done through walking. If you want to experience the town at its most comfortable hour the best time to visit Old Phuket Town is during the day when the sun is not in its hottest temperatures.



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