Chiang Mai Michelin Food Walking Tour – 2 Hours


Chiang Mai Michelin Food Walking Tour – 2 Hours

Chiang Mai


  • Visit some of Chiang Mai’s most iconic and delicious eateries
  • Get to taste local and authentic dishes such as Hakka-style noodle, mango sticky rice, pa tong go (deep-fried dough sticks), and khao kriab pak moh (steamed rice skin dumplings)
  • Learn about Chiang Mai’s food scene and history from a local foodie guide
  • Book at any time – last-minute bookings are accepted!
  • Choose from multiple start time options, a time that is perfect for you
  • Explore responsibly with TripGuru, a GSTC-certified sustainable tour platform in Thailand.
  • Enjoy a low-impact way of exploring, reducing the overall carbon footprint of tourism.


Ever wanted to spontaneously book a tour on the same day you take it? This short walking tour around Chiang Mai’s foodie streets will have you discover some of the city’s most delicious local eateries in just two hours! You can also choose from multiple start times for a time that suits you. 

We’ll meet up at the Chansom Memorial Bridge, locally known as “Khua Khaek”, and begin our walking tour. Our first stop is Lung Khajohn Wat Ket, which is known for serving up sweet steamed rice skin dumplings that are usually stuffed with peanuts. We’ll sample this sweet snack known as Khao Kriab Pak Moh before passing through the colorful Ton Lamyai Flower Market.


Then we’ll head to Go Neng to taste a Chinese specialty of oddly-shaped deep-fried dough. (Some have said the buns look like dinosaurs!) Pa tong go, as it’s called, is one of the most popular snacks with the locals.


“For more than three decades, Go Neng has specialized in deep-fried dough sticks, Pa Tong Go. No matter what shape they take – crocodile, dinosaur, dragon, or elephant – each one boasts the same puffy perfection and crispy texture. The deep-fried whole-wheat dough is recommended.” Michelin Guide

After trying the delicious dough sticks, we’ll head to Warorot Market – a famous market where you can find delicious snacks, produce, clothes, and more. For a sweet treat, we’ll hunt down one particular stall that sells the famous Thai mango sticky rice.


We’ll finish with a savory dish at our last stop,Thana Ocha. Dive into their famous Hakka-style noodles with Hakka stuffed tofu, fish sausage and wontons. End the day with a satisfied stomach full of delicious Thai dishes and delicacies.


“Every day at lunch long lines form in front of this decades-old shop selling Hakka-style noodles. House-made Hakka stuffed tofu, fish sausage and crispy wontons find their way into every dish including tom yum noodles and the classic Yentafo. The latter is highly recommended, with a well-seasoned soup made from fermented bean curd and fresh chilli.” – Michelin Guide

Enjoy a low-impact way of exploring. With TripGuru, you explore sustainable experiences that prioritize providing water in glass bottles and offsetting carbon emissions in every tour, reducing your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Important Note: Kindly note that most restaurants mentioned tend to close by early afternoon. If you choose the 2:30 pm slot, our experienced guide will take you to alternative (but just as delicious) street food stalls to ensure you still get a taste of authentic Chiang Mai street cuisine. If you would like to stick to this itinerary, it is highly recommended to book the morning slots.