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Backpackers, who love to tour Bangkok by following the sun, may want to start their Thai journey at the Arun, or also known as the Temple of Dawn. Named after the Hindu God, Aruna, this sacred temple greets and parts with the city of Bangkok, by glistening over the Chao Phraya River each time the sun rises and sets. Wat Arun, however, is reserved for travelers who are not afraid to share the view with the sky, because one of this temple’s prominent features is the narrow stone stairway that leads travelers to a bird’s eye view of the city of Bangkok.

Depending on the travel schedule, it is good to know that Wat Arun can be enjoyed both up close and from far. Tourists who want to see this temple at its most dramatic hours may want to sit in one of the local restaurants and coffee shops that are sprawled around the area, and enjoy Wat Arun in all its landscape splendor during the sunset, and the evening – when the temple’s lights flicker over the river’s waters. However, tourists who want to genuinely immerse themselves in the rich culture of Thailand, they can visit Wat Arun during the early mornings, or midday (if they want to mingle with the locals and the crowd). This temple is known for its architectural design, so Trip Guru suggests that potential traveling tourists must pay attention to its surroundings – especially when they get to the temple’s spires or prangs. Each prang is coated with bejeweled porcelain and/or seashells and is held by various figures that are inspired by Chinese and Hindu culture. In a blink of an eye, travelers will be able to tell the tale of Wat Arun and how it perpetually glistens under the rays of sunlight.

Trip Guru would like to remind all travelers that the temple is a sacred location and needs to be treated as such. Men and women are not allowed to expose their arms, legs, and feet. Violators will not be allowed access and/or be escorted out.

The entrance fee costs 100 Baht and the temple is opened from 8:30AM to 5:30PM, but it is highly advised to be there earlier because the lines to the temples are known to be long. The best way to get to Wat Arun is by taking the Sky Train. Backpackers will need to leave through Exit 2, take a Chao Phraya Express Boat to Tien Pier (N8), and then take a cross-river ferry to Wat Arun. 



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